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News on Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda's Death
Former President of the Republic of Malawi

CNN - Former Malawi dictator Kamuzu Banda dies in South African hospital
BBC - Banda of Malawi dies
PANA - Malawi's First President, Kamazu Banda Dead
BBC News - Mandela expresses regret at Banda's death
DejaNews - Hastings Kamuzu Banda is dead!
DejaNews - Kamuzu Banda is gone!
ZA*Now (SA) - Former Malawi dictator dies in Johannesburg
The Post(Zambia) - End of Kamuzu
Mail & Guardian (SA) - Banda's Death Marks end of an era
Independent (SA) - Tyrant Banda was never a boring boss
The Star (SA) - Seven days' mourning for Banda
The Nation (kenya) - Key lessons from Banda's life, death
Times (Zambia) - Kamuzu: Charismatic oppressor
Mail & Guardian (SA) - Was Kamuzu an American imposter?
APS (Kenya) - Kamuzu Banda's Death Ends Major African Era
CNN - Banda's body arrives in Malawi for burial
APS (Kenya) - Kamuzu Banda's Death Ends Major African Era
PANA - Banda, The End Of An Era In Malawi
PANA - Dr. Banda's Remains Returned Home
AFN - News Roundup on the Death Of Hastings Kamuzu Banda
Thousands Of Malawians Bid Final Farewell To Banda
Nation (MW) - Banda's Funeral
Malawi's Banda laid to rest
Malawi's Banda is paid final repects
World leaders ignore Banda's Funeral
Dr Hastings Banda's Soweto connection
Banda : Malawi's Uniting Force In Death

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May His Soul Rest in Peace
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